About Us


Evergreen Neighborhood Association Purpose

As defined by the Bylaws, "The primary purpose of the Association shall be to provide a forum for the discussion of the livability of the neighborhood"... within the city and region by doing the following:

  • Participate in all phases of government processes with special emphasis on:
    • Planning
    • Land use zoning
    • Housing
    • Community facilities
    • Human resources
    • Social and recreational programs
    • Traffic and transportation
    • Environmental quality
  • Maintain ongoing communication with Governments
  • Formulate policies which represent the views of the residents
    • Promote policies by appropriate action
    • Promote social interaction among residents

Evergreen Neighborhood Association History

City of Lake Oswego logoThe Evergreen Neighborhood Association (ENA) was formed in 1976.  As the community began to change, concerned residents wanted a means to ensure the worth and charm of the neighborhood continued into the future.  Two years of vigorous work and planning by the Association resulted in the adoption of the Evergreen Neighborhood Plan in 2005.  The plan provides guidance on residential and commercial land use and building design, addresses transportation needs of residents, promotes walking and biking in the neighborhood, advocates for the protection and restoration of the wetlands area, supports the enhancement of Lakewood Bay, and ensures that neighborhood parks are attractive, functional and accessible. Refer to the following link regarding additional information on the plan: Neighborhood Vision & Plan.

In order to give additional voice to the needs of the Evergreen neighborhood and to remain aware of issues and concerns of other neighborhoods in Lake Oswego, the Association joined LONAC (Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition) at the time the coalition was formed. "LONAC serves as a forum to discuss and represent the common interests of the community. The organization is not affiliated with the City. It includes representatives of various neighborhoods throughout Lake Oswego, and normally meets in the morning on the first Saturday of each month."  City of Lake Oswego website.

City of Lake Oswego on Neighborhood Associations

"Neighborhood associations provide an officially recognized channel for citizen participation in Lake Oswego. Participation in a neighborhood association is voluntary and open to all who live in or own property or a business within the neighborhood’s boundary. The Lake Oswego Neighborhood Association program began in 1974 with the development of the original Comprehensive Plan. Today there are 20 recognized neighborhood associations within the City of Lake Oswego."