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ENA News November 2022

Dear Neighbors,

We hope you have a wonderful, prosperous and safe holiday season.

ENA Board Meeting

The ENA Board did a brief check-in this month and determined that there were no significant activities that would support a formal Board Meeting.

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

Love Lake Oswego Police

Officer Tony Sparling recently contacted our ENA to let us know he is the police departments new liaison to neighborhood associations. Tom Newton, ENA Chair and Wiley Campbell, head of our Traffic Committee, seized the opportunity to sit down with Tony and talk about the ENA.
We were so impressed that he had taken the time to research the ENA by visiting our website.

Tony mostly wanted to learn about our neighborhood and make sure we knew he was a resource if needed.

Tom and Wiley provided him a list of concerns that have been discussed previously by the ENA.

  • Blind area from hedge at 10th and Evergreen. Many dangerous close calls
  • Teenagers on eBikes and scooters creating dangerous situations
  • Speeding through the neighborhood
    (Somewhat mitigated by the bridge closure)
  • Dangerous pedestrian crossing at 5th and A
  • Drivers running or roll stopping at the stop sign at 6th and Evergreen
  • Church playground as a late-night teenage hangout.
  • Request to get Neighborhood crime stats to share?

He encouraged us to contact him at any time for assistance or additional concerns. He asked us to remind people that the LO Police have a tip line that can be used to report any concerns (anonymously if you like).

Tony could not have been more receptive and helpful and provided his contact info:

Tony Sparling| Adult Resource Officer
Lake Oswego Police Department
503.635.0221 (desk) / 503-635-0238 (24/7 non-emergency)

Home Tear Downs

You may have noticed a home on Cabana Lane and one on Evergreen Road that have been nearly completely torn down in preparation for a “remodel”. There has been a local outcry about the current code that has very few restrictions on remodels that are effectively new construction. A coalition of neighborhood associations have asked the city planning department to revise the code. New language has been developed that includes a requirement that 50% of the exterior to remain to qualify as a remodel. A public hearing is underway.

If you are interested, the hearing before the LO Planning Commission is on Monday, December 12th at 6:30PM (Case Number LU 22-0008 / Ordinance 2891)

Name an Unsung Hero 2022

Each year the City of Lake Oswego’s “Unsung Hero” Award honors someone or a group who has worked quietly behind the scenes on behalf of the community without any expectation of recognition. This award is intended to seek out and recognize someone or a group of community members, including students, who have been involved in volunteering but not generally well-known by the general public for the good deeds they do. We want to celebrate both long-time volunteers and the volunteers who stepped up, some for the first time, as new volunteers to help our community.

If you know someone or a group, who is a hero long-term or short term, please take a moment to submit your story. Deadline for submission is Monday, December 5, 9:00 AM. Contact Kim Vermillion with any questions. Click on the following link to nominate an Unsung Hero:

Name an Unsung Hero ~ 2022 | City of Lake Oswego

Submissions are due Monday, December 5th at 9:00am.

The recipients of the award will be honored at the December 20th City Council Meeting to be held at 3pm.

Kim Ono Vermillion
Administrative Assistant | City Manager’s Office
City of Lake Oswego
PO BOX 369 | 380 A Avenue | Lake Oswego OR 97034