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May 2023 Newsletter


Evergreen Neighborhood Association

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Annual Membership Meeting

This years meeting took place on Wednesday, May 10th at The Oswego Heritage House.  Thank you to all the neighbors who took time to attend!

We were privileged to have two guest speakers, Lake Oswego Police officers and Carol Ockert, Chair of the Neighborhood Chairs Committee.

After the presentations the Board went on to address a number of matters of importance to our neighborhood including traffic safety concerns, real estate trends, etc.

An on-going request was made for new members to join the Board and connect with their neighborhood.

Meeting Minutes


Police Activity Log

LO Police Presentation at the Annual Meeting

Police Officers Oscar Fregoso and James Peterson provided an overview of crime and policing in our neighborhood.  Two main take-aways:  The most common crime is car break-ins and these usually occur to unlocked cars.  They encouraged us to keep our cars locked at all times.  Secondly, they talked about how available LO Police is to the community and yet many citizens are reluctant to call the non-emergency line (503.635.0238) when they see something unusual or for example have a solicitor violate posted signs.  The message?  “Call us any time, we would rather show up and find out it’s nothing, than miss an opportunity to address a crime.”  They will be sharing some more safety information in our next newsletter.



Housing Codes Presentation

Carol Ockert
Neighborhood Chairs Committee

Carol provided our attendees an insightful overview of the new Housing Codes and how they might impact our neighborhood.  See an outline of her full presentation on our website.

The city also provides a comprehensive web page on the topic.



Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Program
Several ideas were discussed but we could not reach a consensus for a neighborhood construction project.  The Board is reaching out to the city about improvements to the path at 4th and Evergreen.  Board member Diane Grover is going to pursue a grant to help support a Neighborhood Holiday Party.

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Real Estate

According to Redfin, the housing market in our neighborhood has appreciated significantly in the last year.

Evergreen Housing Market Trends

In February 2023, Evergreen home prices were up 120.3% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $2.1M. On average, homes in Evergreen sell after 406 days on the market compared to 4 days last year. There was 1 home sold in February this year, down from 7 last year.  These numbers reflect that most activity in the Evergreen Neighborhood has been on very expensive homes including new construction.

Real Estate Report