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September 2021 Newsletter


Evergreen Neighborhood Association

The ENA quarterly Board meeting took place on Wednesday, September 8th.

To see the minutes of the meeting please CLICK HERE.

Here is a summary of the main topics along with other matters of interest:

  • Traffic/Road Issues
    • Speeding is an ongoing concern. Wiley, our traffic committee chair, has on-going communications with the city to get their support.  Radar speed signs will be used to assess problem areas.
    • Hedge Issues is another area neighbors have complained about. All hedges within 10’ of the road (city easement) should be maintained at no higher than 30”.  The corner of Evergreen and 10th street is an example of where corrective action needs to be taken and the city is working with the homeowner.
    • Drainage Problems are present on the south end of 5th street and neighbors adjacent to the flooded areas are lobbying the city to prioritize corrective action. The ENA has submitted a letter to the City Council supporting this request.
  • Noise Complaints
    • Unpleasant noise levels from area restaurants and the school at dismissal time were discussed. If you personally have such issues, please notify the ENA via email at, or report to the non-emergency policy line at
      (503) 635-0238
  • Restore Evergreen Park – The ENA has been in communication with the development department at the City of LO and received assurances that the park at 3rd and Evergreen will be fully restored to its natural state once all the construction material has been removed.
  • Property Development – the ENA receives notices any time development proposals are present in our neighborhood. Here are a couple of the significant ones and a link to more information.
  • Real Estate –  Home prices have continued to escalate at above normal ranges.  Click Here to see the latest real estate report.

Please feel free to email the ENA and tell us what is on your mind and how we can help improve the neighborhood!