Neighborhood Plan

Our Vision for Evergreen

We see our neighborhood as a community of economic vitality and the activities of daily living all within walking distance. We want to maintain and enhance the things we hold dear, including pedestrian safety and the convenience of shopping and recreation.

We value the small town atmosphere with the broad range of housing types and price levels to bring people of diverse ages and incomes into daily interaction.

Challenges will include dealing with higher levels of activity relating to commerce and area growth, with the resulting traffic and housing pressures. Preservation of the historical elements of the neighborhood and conservation of the natural environment will be critical.

Key action areas to maintain and improve the Neighborhood include enhancing street design, especially Evergreen Road, for walking and bicycling safety, formalizing and improving the Evergreen/3rd Street park, working with the City and developers to influence the mix and impact of commerce, and ensuring that Evergreen remain an authentic community with architectural projects seamlessly linked to the surrounding neighborhood.

This is our vision for the Evergreen Neighborhood.

The Evergreen Neighborhood Plan was adopted by the Lake Oswego City Council November 15, 2005. The "Evergreen Overlay" (LU 16-0042) was approved by Council in 2017. This amendment to the Evergreen R-7.5 Overlay District code (LOC 50.05.002) prohibits additional building height allowances for roof form projections. This code amendment was requested by the Evergreen Neighborhood Association and is intended to help implement the residential character objectives of the Evergreen Neighborhood Plan.

To view the 2005 document in its entirety, click on the link below.